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Traveling is good for your personality

Traveling has changed a lot of people, making them well-rounded and better. The change occurs both on how one feels about self as well as personality. It makes people cooler than they were before. Simply put, it makes people and their personality more awesome than they used to be. Traveling is good for your personality due to people being exposed to different scenarios, places, and conditions; all which play a role in the overall development of individuals.

Traveling is Good For your Personality because it Builds confidence

Traveling in different locations with different people grants you exposure to different scenarios. For example, when I was in San Francisco I came across a blue collar worker, he was a big tough looking guy in a coffee shop. I was nervous to talk to him because of his appearance. Turns out he just got off of his swing shift at San Francisco Bay Area Towing, where he works. The guy, although he appeared scary, was just tired and a really nice gentleman. This made me think about the old adage, you can’t judge a book by its cover. This interaction with that guy built my confidence up the rest of the trip to talk with many other locals.

Front of San Francisco International Airport SFONavigating into unknown territories further exposes you to different challenges. At the end of it, you become confident when dealing with issues even the unknown. Having had the chance to make decisions, explore different things impacts your confidence whenever you are in similar circumstances. You get better at trusting yourself at handling matters and most importantly, how you feel about your achievements.

Improves socialization ability

Traveling is good for your personality because it often takes people from their comfort zone into unknown places. It places you in the midst of strangers who you either learn to associate with or stay lonely. Such environments teach people how to get along with strangers who later become friends. There are people who are naturally withdrawn and introverted, difficult to socialize with strangers. However, repeated exposures to different people, help them develop themselves into outgoing individuals. They begin to happily and comfortable talk to and interact with strangers.

Better at making conversations

Apart from making you more comfortable interacting with strangers, it makes you better at conversing with them. Talking to different people at different times improves on the nature of the conversations you make. It further improves how you make those conversations. You move away from talking about the same scripted stuff into more natural and fun topics. Your approach to discussions is further enhanced as your perspective about things change. Moreover, you become better at having different angled discussions with people from different cultures and social settings.

You become smarter

As already mentioned, traveling brings great exposures. It takes you to new places and people throwing different situations your way. Dealing with all the differences repeatedly makes you better at it. you get to learn about histories of different places, culture, politics, economy among other facts. You build knowledge and understanding becoming a better analyst and interpreter of happenings and environments.  In other words, you become experienced in many fields. 

Enhances your adaptability

Having dealt with many situations, some of which are disappointing, you become more adaptable. You learn to adapt to different conditions such as bad food, missed flights, poor driving conditions among others. Learning to adapt and respond to such conditions improves your general personality. You get better at being flexible and adapting your travel plans to situations as they come.

When I was in Korea, I wasn’t able to book a ticket myself as I normally would, so I reached out to a travel agent I had been referred to. This is something I normally wouldn’t do because I like to book travel myself. But, in this case, it was a lifesaver.